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How To Became Frontend Master

You do not think that you have deep knowledge in the Frontend area, although you have studied many learning contents, you are not confident in Frontend when you start a new job, you cannot develop your codes although you comprehend the existing architecture, LearnReactUI.dev is the website where you can meet all your relevant requirements in a single place


Simple To Complex Frontend Applications

In this article, we will be analyzing react projects from simple to complex according to data access. The need for data, the way data is retrieved, the way it is kept, its properties and many similar issues actually cause the concept and library in your project to change. Therefore, if we can estimate the difficulty level of our project before we start the project, this will help us to make better decisions about the following concepts


What Are React Hooks?

React Hooks is a way for UI components to share common code exports and integrate more quickly with other 3rd Party libraries. If you are familiar with Aspect Oriented Programming or Cross-Cut, these concepts will not seem very foreign to you. Components share common functions in many areas such as Logging, Persist, Auth, Rendering, and State Management. There are 4 different methods for this; Inheritance, High Order Component, Render Props, and Hooks. In this eBook we will cover Hooks.


Overcoming Technological Change and Pressure

It is an e-book on the pressures on software engineers caused by rapid technological developments, financial recession, and artificial intelligence, as well as how to resist this strain.


The Development Of JavaScript Through Time

How JavaScript is true, how it developed, what the first and second phases are, and how new features were introduced to JavaScript with EcmaScript upgrades between 2015 and 2023. All of these subjects are covered in this e-book.


Fundamental Internet Concepts

If you are developing a Web Application, whether you are a Frontend, Backend or FullStack developer. The primary thing you need to learn and understand is how applications work on the internet.


React Web Apps Conceptual Framework

In reality, all frontend programs use the same mechanism. - Technology and Frontend Concepts - Domain (Application Capabilities) Frontend Web Applications are created by expertly combining these two structures. As in video games and cartoons.