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Mouse Interactions In React Webapp

Mouse Interactions with React

This ebook is a comprehensive guide on mouse interactions with React. It covers various aspects such as web events, the UI event mechanism, and code sharing methods like higher-order components, render props, and hooks. Each method is explained in detail, including examples to demonstrate how they can be used to handle mouse events and share code between components.

The document starts by introducing web events and how they are created in the context of HTML elements. It explains how to listen to these events in your code and provides examples of event registration methods such as addEventListener(), removeEventListener(), and dispatchEvent(). The different types of web objects that act as event targets, such as Element, Document, Window, XMLHTTPRequest, and AudioNode, are also discussed.

Next, the document explores various mouse events and their differences. It explains the click event and how to determine the number of times the mouse button has been pressed using the event.detail property. It also covers events like mouse enter, mouse over, mouse leave, and mouse out, highlighting the differences between them.

The UI event mechanism is then explained, focusing on the behavior of the onClick event when a generic listener is added to all HTMLElements. The document discusses event capturing and event bubbling, two different models for event triggering in nested HTML elements. It explains how to use the event.stopPropagation() method to prevent events from propagating to the next level and the event.preventDefault() method to prevent the default behavior of HTML elements.

The document also explores different code sharing methods in React, including higher-order components, render props, and hooks. It explains how these methods can be used to abstract and share behavior between components. It provides examples and references to official React documentation for higher-order components and render props.

Finally, the document presents examples of code sharing methods in action. It explains how to share code using default approaches, inheritance, higher-order components, render props, and hooks. It provides a detailed comparison of these methods, highlighting their strengths and use cases.

In addition, the document showcases several custom hooks that can be used for mouse-related interactions, such as detecting hover, listening to mouse events, capturing mouse movements, and detecting clicks outside a specified element.

Overall, this document serves as a comprehensive resource for developers looking to understand and implement mouse interactions in React. It provides clear explanations, examples, and references to further resources for each topic covered.


1. Web Events

  • Click
  • Mouse Enter, Over, Out ve Leave Events

2. How the UI Event Mechanism Works

  • Event Capturing
  • Event Bubbling

3. Code Sharing Methods

  • High Order Components
  • Render Props
  • Hooks

4. Examples for Code Sharing Methods

  • Default
  • Inheritance
  • HOC (High Order Component)
  • Render Props (Render Props)
  • Hooks

4. Hook Samples

  • useHover
  • useEventListener
  • useMouse
  • useClickAway

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