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Simple To Complex Frontend Applications

Simple to Complex Frontend Applications

Last Updated: 01.04.2023 ©Copyright: Onur Dayibasi

This article will analyze react projects from simple to complex according to data access.

The need for data, the way it is retrieved, the way it is kept, its properties, and many similar issues cause the concept and library in your project to change.

Therefore, if we can estimate the difficulty level of our project before starting the project, this will allow us to make better decisions about the following concepts;

  • Rendering
  • Networking
  • State Management
  • Routing
  • Bundling
  • Product Management, UIX Design → Architecture Interaction
  • Git Repo Structure, Branching Types
  • DevOps
  • Security
  • Internalization, Localization
  • Accessibility

Let's examine the structures I call simple to complex. We can make this grouping as follows;

  • Simple - No API Usage (Static Rendering)
  • Simple - No API Usage (Client Side Rendering)
  • A Little Harder Than Simple - Public API Usage But Has Not Authentication
  • Intermediate Level - Private API Usage Authentication
  • Hard - Private API Usage Authentication and Authorization (Resource Access according to Organization, Roles)
  • Complex - Private API Usage Authentication, Authorization, and Service or Product Sell Flow (Offer, Order, Customer Success, Payment, Invoice)

Note: If the simplicity I am talking about here is not simplicity due to access and interaction with data, we do not include complexities such as Animation, Visual Effects, etc., in your project.

You can download and read the ebook pdf to learn the sample application types I mentioned above.